What Are Some Lucrative Work At Home Mom Jobs?

work computer photoBeing a stay at home mom isn’t exactly an endless vacation. Taking care of a child can be more cumbersome than a regular nine to five job. However, many moms would be happy to earn some money by working from home. Let’s see what are some lucrative work at home mom jobs.

Blogging – This can be an entertaining way to earn a decent chunk of money. You can blog about your favorite topics or about motherhood-related issues. There will be lots of other moms seeking for this kind of information, so your blog could easily become an authority in its niche. You can monetize it with advertising or with affiliate offers.work computer photo

Data Entry – There are marketing companies that need to add big volumes of data to their databases, companies that prefer to outsource this job to anyone willing to spend a few hours a day typing. Even if you can only find a few spare hours per week, you’d still earn a little money to complement the family budget.

Freelance Writing – If you are good with writing, you can offer your skills to individuals and companies in need for articles on specific topics. You can start by opening an account on oDesk, where to advertise your skills and your services.

Social Media Management – Managing a social media account can be very demanding. This is why many business owners prefer to hire someone to take care of these tasks on their behalf. If you are passionate about social media, you may want to take your passion one step further and offer your social media management services to those who need them. You may have to take some in-depth courses to enhance your knowledge, but your investment is surely going to pay off quite soon.work computer photo

Online Teaching – If you are an expert in your niche or industry, you can develop an online course to teach others the basics of your trade. While this is different than most of the work at home mom jobs out there, it can be a very lucrative one in terms of revenue and professional satisfaction. Nonetheless, you need to have the appropriate skills to be able to do this job at professional level.

These are only a few ideas of jobs that don’t require any commute or your physical presence in an office. You can choose your working schedule as you see fit, in order to keep your child healthy and happy.work computer photo

A Guide To The Different IT Jobs From Home

computer pc photoSeveral decades ago, the idea of working from home was unthinkable. A few years ago, working from home was possible but hardly profitable. Nowadays, with the dawn of the Internet, it is easier to enjoy the comfort of home and make a decent salary. If you want to join in on this wave of stay-at-home working, here are some of the different IT jobs from home.

#1: The Virtual Assistant

With so many companies operating virtually or online, it is no wonder that many of them hire virtual assistants to keep their administrative tasks organized. According to the International Virtual Assistants Association, an independent contractor is an individual working from a remote location supporting various clients by providing technical, administrative or creative services.computer pc photo

While the types of virtual assistant positions vary dramatically, the tasks typically include the following:

• creation and distribution of business-related documents
• composing and responding to emails
• response to business and press inquires
• writing and creating company content

The average wage for virtual assistants varies according to the service, but the most common rate is between $15 and $75 per hour.

#2: The Medical Transcriptionist

While the majority of medical transcriptionists work for physicians or hospitals, many work at remote locations using a flexible schedule. The typical tasks include transcription of medical dictation using a computer and earpiece. Based on a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical transcriptionists earn an average wage of $17.17 per hour.computer pc photo

#3: The Web Developer

Nowadays, it is fairly simple to build a website using the free online services. However, most people are not equipped to develop a website or do not have the time. This is why freelancers can make a good living by building websites or blogs for companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 16% of all web developers are self-employed and work remotely. Furthermore, the average salary for a freelance web developer was approximately $66,000 in 2016. An increase in one’s salary could be noted if you have an advanced qualification in web design.

#4: Data Entry Agent

One of the most common IT jobs from home is the data entry position. Various businesses require data entry technicians to enter information into systems which are used to track shipments, create business plans or measure performance. As typing skills and a computer are the requirements for this job, most data entry workers can operate on a flexible schedule. The average salary of a data entry worker ranges from $30,000 to $45,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.computer pc photo

How To Make Money Online From Home

laptop work photoThere are many ways to make money online. You can create websites, you can write articles, you can fill questionnaires, or you can manage social media accounts for other people. You can even start a blog about your biggest passion and make a nice living by monetizing it with ads and with affiliate links. Whatever you choose, though, you need to be aware of the fact that there’s no gain without effort. The simple fact of knowing how to make money online won’t make you successful.laptop work photo

If, for instance, you decide that blogging is the best method to earn a living online, you’ll have to put in the effort of setting up a blog, writing a series of articles, and promoting them on social media. Furthermore, you’ll have to understand how to write about things that people search for. This means you’ll need to learn what keyword research is, and how to do it. You’ll also need to learn the art of writing compelling copy, in order for your readers to take the desired action, be it a purchase, a comment or a newsletter subscription.laptop work photo

If you prefer to make a living by developing websites, you’ll have to learn and master WordPress, CSS, and HTML, to name only a few of the skills you’re going to need along the way. You may also need to become familiar with image processing software and with cloud image hosting solutions. Furthermore, you’ll have to learn how to search for clients online and how to bid on various projects.laptop work photo

Data entry jobs may require good typing speed and accuracy, so you may need to improve these skills before being able to tackle such tasks. The more you type, the better you’re going to become. Even though the learning curve is not as steep as in case of web development, you can still expect to invest a certain level of effort to become fast enough to make a decent living out of this type of job.laptop work photo

If you don’t know how to make money online, you can start by setting up a blog and writing about various things that you either know or love. Install Google Analytics, in order to have some data to assess. Search for online training and subscribe to the blogs of some reputable internet marketers and bloggers. Use all these information sources to determine what would suit you best. Once you narrow down your focus, you must stick at it until you see results.laptop work photo